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Seminario-Artificial Intelligence

As part of the Seminars class of the Master’s program in Web Technologies and Systems Engineering at ISLA Gaia, the Research Center would like to invite you to attend an online seminar on the topic “Artificial Intelligence Giants: How Tools from OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Others Are Changing the World“.

Our guest is André Costa who is a passionate about technology and believes that Education changes people and people change the world. As a Higher Education Professor, Trainer and Consultant, he is dedicated to training the new generation of professionals, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning for success in the digital age. He combines a robust academic background at the Master’s level in Web Technologies and Systems Engineering and is a PhD student in Computer Science, with proven market experience in National and International companies and an entrepreneurial streak as co-founder of the Smart Business Cards startup – LINKING, and is the creator of the platform and community of Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts SuperHumano.AI.

This seminar takes place on Saturday, May 18th starting at 10am. The seminar is given in English, is free and online, but registration is required.


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  • Início
    18, Maio 2024 @ 10:00 am
  • Fim
    18, Maio 2024 @ 12:00 pm
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